What is Genuine YOUniversity?

The goal of Genuine YOUniversity is to play an important part in bringing about a cultural shift that makes it normal for you to, be who you are, do what you love and to be rewarded for it.

We are dedicated to:

Genuine YOUniversity focuses on the core of people, the truth of who they are and uses processes, techniques and challenges that consistently demonstrate that our most incredible wealth is inside us.

They bring forth that wealth to share with others as a mighty and worthwhile challenge.

A challenge that can not only be overcome with the right support from an insightful and caring community but a challenge that naturally leads to becoming who we really are.

About the founder of Genuine YOUniversity

The principal creator of Genuine YOUniversity is Peter Hagerty.

He has been working in the field of maximising human potential since 1990. During this time he has assisted people from all walks of life in attaining more fulfilment, more money, greater connection with loved ones and vocational empowerment.

At the age of 16, he undertook training in accelerated learning and became one of the fastest readers in the world.

Applying accelerated learning to a vast number of disciplines his expertise includes meditation education, business training and coaching, coaching creative and entrepreneurial people, masculine empowerment training, sales and marketing, business systems design, psychology, biology and others.

To summarise, Peter has been studying the most profound core principles of many disciplines for decades and is dedicated to assisting people in applying them to maximise their lives.

“I have dedicated my life to researching the laws of the universe and to helping awaken the sleeping genius and hidden magnificence in people throughout the world. Upon meeting you and experiencing your wise teachings, as well as your many brilliant tools for awakening genius I can now see that I have met a fellow traveler who has certainly already awakened his genius. Your work is truly magnificent and will certainly impact the lives of millions throughout the world.”

– Dr. John F. Demartini, Star of “The Secret.” Bestselling author of The Breakthrough Experience – A Revolutionary New Approach to Personal Transformation.

All of Peter’s work is aimed at uncovering what you would truly love to offer the world, what your most generous gift is and how you can acquire and enjoy all the resources you need in order to do this.

This is his own unique Purpose.

To this end, he took on the challenge of Making Money Doing What He Loves and documenting the methods required to assist the average person in being able to do the same.

Over ten years, he refined the processed and methods down into a palatable format. He used it successfully with people from all walks of life encompassing successful business people, the long term unemployed and many types in between.

Peter specializes in helping people become wealthy by delivering breakthrough value.

As a veteran coach, successful business innovator and trainer Peter provides practical strategies based on the deep character and desire of individuals.

He has a particular ability to tune into the real value in a person and assist him/her in bringing it out.

To this end, he has created successful automated internet businesses, personal development training programmes and other ventures to not only hone his methods but also to produce value for others.

This value has led to his clients going from working as telemarketers to successful pitches to Richard Branson’s on space projects working with NASA, and other clients going from living in their car to generating $20mil in sales.

His methods assist business owners and entrepreneurs in harnessing their unique abilities and their nature and applying them directly to making the world a better place.

He is the founder of Genuine YOUniversity, which provides resources and specialized training and coaching to assist as many people as possible.

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