How Empowerment Circles can more or less Replace Life Coaching for $1 a day

September 25, 2020

What is an Empowerment Circle?

Empowerment Circles are:

  • Small groups of people committed to supporting and encouraging one another
  • Made up of Trained Participants and Facilitators who are skilled in:
    • Truly Listening to One Another
    • Providing Empowering Feedback
    • Offering Support when required
    • Offering Encouragement to help you reach your real potential

Results that People Achieve Include:

  • Clarify and Commit to:
    • Goal Setting that really inspire you (Smart Goals)
    • Time Management Habits
    • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Finding the confidence to:
    • Start a new business venture
    • Advance their career
    • Make More Money
    • Increase Self Esteem with encouragement received in the Empowerment Circle
  • Enjoying Life More by:
    • Receiving Encouragement to establish new and better relationships
    • Getting support to stay true to personal goals
    • Simply having loads more fun

Then there are the Breakthrough Results such as:

  • Doubling business income
  • Saving a marriage
  • Attracting multi-million dollar investment in an entrepreneurial project

How Does it Work?

The structure of Empowerment Circles is deceptively simple and incredibly effective.

Online meetings are available at various times during the week across most time zones. It is recommended you attend 3 times a month. In these meetings you break up into Circles (groups) of up to 6 people and share based on the theme, challenge or inspiring project you are working on at that time. You receive feedback from all the others in your Circle. You receive support and/or encouragement according to what is happening for you in your life. Each time you attend you may be in a Circle with the same or mostly the same people or you may seek out new Circles as they become available.
  • If this sounds really simple, then there is a good reason for it. It is simple. It’s made simple because everyone who joins Empowerment Circles goes through a six module training program to learn how to get the most out of Empowerment Circles and how to offer others great feedback.

The Empowerment Circles Training Course includes:

In depth training on how to effectively participate in and get the most out of Empowerment Circles.

Module 1 – Strength and Inspiration: Share what inspires you in a supportive environment.

Module 2 – Personal Success: Tune into your values and be honored for them.

Module 3 – Growth and Challenge: Receive encouragement based on your Inspiration and Values.

Module 4 – Encouragement and Support: Learn the basis of all success and how to leverage it in Empowerment Circles

Module 5 – Bold Goals: Create goals that resonate with your values and Inspiration. Refine them in the Circle.

Module 6 – Empowering Yourself and Others: Connect to your deep strength and commit to long term goals in a supportive and constructive environment.

For more detail on the training course go to:

What Can Empowerment Circles Help With?

Empowerment Circles can help with virtually any challenge that you may have provided that it does not require professional intervention.

It is most effective with:

  • Helping to increase happiness
  • Ensuring you look after yourself
  • Motivation
  • General Self Improvement
  • Resolves Feelings of Isolation or Loneliness
  • Building Self Esteem
  • Setting Goals
  • Sticking to Goals
  • Connecting with what Really Inspires You
  • Clarifies Vision
  • Time Management
  • Dissolving Procrastination
  • Learning to Help Others
  • Feeling Supported
  • Determination and Achieving Goals


  • Have More Fun!
  • Receive Support & Encouragement
  • Achieve Your Goals
  • Help Make the World a More Helpful Place

It’s the brainchild of Peter Hagerty who has dedicated his life to finding a way to make coaching and empowerment available to virtually anyone.

Empowerment Circles depends on the community to work. Everyone adds to the unique empowerment of everyone else by following an effective and precise method of sharing and giving feedback. Certain aspects of the method are firmly adhered to. Whereas the content of what is shared and worked on is highly flexible.

It is not a one size fits all method. It is adaptable and robust and can assist virtually anyone.

The method relies on:

  • Time Limits to produce
    • Powerful Focus
    • Prioritization
  • Limiting Projection of Opinions onto Others
  • Respect for Facilitators
  • Effective Sharing and Feedback Methods
  • Doing What Works
    • Eliminating Dogma
  • Participants who choose to:
    • Actively seek to support others
    • Be kind and compassionate when needed
    • Be honest and direct when needed
    • Be humble and consider feedback they receive
    • Consciously choose which feedback to take on
    • Politely ignore feedback which does not suit them

Empowerment Circles are effective because:

  • it adheres to what works without respect for dogma or beliefs which cannot be proven to be effective
  • it has been tried and tested over more than a decade
  • the method has been simplified to enable most people to get great results
  • everyone in Empowerment Circles is trained to help make their participation effective for them and for those in their circle
  • it has a low cost ensuring high accessibility
  • it is not free, ensuring commitment from members

Does it Replace Coaching?

Not entirely. Good coaching can be hard to find and can be too expensive for many people.

Empowerment Circles is designed to deliver most of the benefits of coaching such as:

  • guidance on tuning into your values
  • clarifying your purpose
  • achieving your goals
  • looking after yourself
  • receiving regular feedback on your progress

How is all this achieved with people who aren’t professional coaches?

The training course for Empowerment Circles is the result of many years of refinement to evoke the natural perception and wisdom that most people have. This perception is wisdom tends to be more easily evoked in people who have a natural tendency to assist others. In this way the effectiveness of Empowerment Circles approaches that of coaching from trained professionals.

Having more than one person providing feedback permits multiple perspectives. Not all feedback will be helpful however receiving feedback from a lot more than one person dramatically increases the chances that you will receive breakthrough feedback. Participants in Empowerment Circles frequently express surprise at the quality of the feedback they receive. What’s more, many participants who provide feedback discover that they tap into reserves of wisdom and depths of perception that they did not know they have.

As mentioned above, Empowerment Circles is the life work of Peter Hagerty, who has been actively coaching individuals and businesses since 1990. He has spent much of this time seeking a way to provide create such a community. The method has been refined to foster the inherent wisdom and perception everyone has inside them. This wisdom and perception becomes obvious to participants surprisingly quickly.

Facilitators with specific areas of specialty may at times offer extra training and guidance in their chosen field and may charge for more refined and specific coaching in conjunction with Genuine YOUniversity. Members may choose to upgrade their access to these Specialized Circles at times for specific periods if they wish to. Prices for such Circles are determined on a case by case basis.

What Can’t Empowerment Circles Do?

Empowerment Circles cannot and will not assist people whose goal is to suppress or harm others or themselves. It does not seek to resolve controversial social or political issues, it only seeks to empower individuals who wish to live a better life and who wish to offer others the same opportunity.

It cannot assist people who require professional assistance with deep mental health issues or extreme difficulties with long term grieving or post traumatic stress disorder or brain injuries. It may not be suitable for business owners who run companies with approximate revenue in excess five million dollars, such individuals are best suited to individual coaching. It cannot teach specific professional skills that might be provided by traditional tertiary education, such as accounting, law and other highly specialized knowledge.

Are there Hidden Extra Fees?


The price to get started is here.

Sometimes there are extra courses offered or coaching with our Facilitators or high level coaches, as an option. You might be invited to a higher level Circle which you can choose to attend or not.

The basic membership fee is as low as possible and we aim to include as much value in this low price structure as we can. We aim to have our members stay with us for many years because we offer so much value and great outcomes in your life.

We do provide extra value though!

We provide extra courses for those who participate in Empowerment Circles. Each time you give us some short feedback on the effectiveness of your Empowerment Circle we will credit you for it and these credits can be exchanged for extra courses. Most of these extra courses can be accessed without paying anything extra. Courses can be purchased if you wish.

We Want to Offer You Even More!

  • We are creating extra courses to assist you further once you have completed the Empowerment Circles training course. When you participate in an Empowerment Circle you can also earn credits to go towards courses such as:
  • Goal Setting
  • Living Your Purpose
  • Meditation Made Easy
  • Self Care
  • Greater Gratitude

and many more to come.

These courses are available as a thank you gift from us to you when you:

  • give us feedback on how you are doing in Empowerment Circles
  • thank the facilitators for supporting the community

How Much Does it Cost to Get Started





$30AUD for the first month
+ $30AUD/mth thereafter.

Thus the first months fee is $180AUD.



As mentioned above, when you participate in Empowerment Circles and give us feedback we thank you with extra courses, which can be worth more than $720 each year.

If you decide in the first 30 days that Empowerment Circles is not right for you, you can get a FULL REFUND.

Note: Once you enrol we will contact you to arrange your involvement in a Circle at time that is as suitable as possible. If we cannot arrange an appropriate time you can receive a refund or wait for a space to open up at no charge.


Peter Hagerty is the founder of Genuine YOUniversity. He has coached people of all walks of life since 1990. His methods assist business owners and entrepreneurs to harness their unique abilities and their nature and apply them directly to making the world a better place.
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