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Join a community of people who encourage and support one another.

"More than a Master Mind Group"

Imagine being part of a community of like-minded people who are trained to encourage and support one another in a tried and tested way that gets you where you want to be.

It helps you to tune into what is truly right for you, take authentic and meaningful action.

If helps you reflect on that action and learn and grow, up-scaling your life, your success and your fulfilment in a continuous upward spiral.


Empowerment Circles produce incredible results for regular attendees because they:

  • Provide an atmosphere that supports authentic expressions
  • Encourage people to pursue what is most true for them as individuals
  • Provide a system that helps people get to the core of issues they are facing
  • Have practical training (6 part) that quickly you allows you to:
    • Tune into your real values
    • Learn how to provide effective feedback for others​
    • Define success on your terms
    • Get breakthrough results through small but consistent action​
    • Zero in on long term goals to make your life more and more what you want it to be​
  • Have been field-tested to ensure results​
  • Focus on what works without adherence to a dogma​
  • Rely on a Robust, Simple and Effective method​

Empowerment Circles can be applied to almost any area of life

Our 6 Part Training Program teaches you how to get the most out of Empowerment Circle, it covers:

  • Basic Introduction
  • Defining Your Own Success
  • Growing Through Challenges
  • Providing Great Feedback
  • Setting Bold Goals
  • Choosing Your Path

Empowerment Circles is based around 30 years of education, experimentation, refinement, research and field testing that relies on a few core tenets that other methods often miss.

This method is the result of taking a childhood dream and making it real.

It is a culmination of a lifetime of dedication with a determined focus to make something that everyday people can use to create an incredible life according to who they really are.


Empowerment Circles are low cost compared to coaching, counselling and personal development courses.

How Does it Work?

Put simply, Empowerment Circles are meeting groups that happen online 3 times a month for 2 hours. During each Circle you work in groups of 4 to 6 people, sharing and receiving feedback according to the Empowerment Circle Method that has been refined over the decades.

We employ a simple to use 3 Step Cycle that increases the results you get each time you repeat the process.

You meet 3 times a month on the 1st, 2nd and 4th week of the month for 2 hours and everyone shares receive feedback and provide feedback. The training teaches you to do this effectively by easing you into it gradually with easy but powerful processes.

What is in the Training Program?

The training program that everyone goes through when joining Empowerment Circles goes through six modules over the first six sessions you attend.
Training Module 1:
Strength and Inspiration
Training Module 2:
Personal Success
Training Module 3:
Growth and Challenge
Training Module 4:
Encouragement and Support
Training Module 5:
Bold Goals
Training Module 6:
Empowering Yourself and Others
This module teaches you the basics of Empowerment Circles welcoming you and connecting you with your Strength and Inspiration.

It guides you in providing feedback with a simple introductory formula for doing so.

Circle Facilitators lead your Circle to ensure you get the most out of it and start with the basics without expecting too much on the first session.
This module shows you how to uncover your real values and tune into what is important to you.

You share these within the Circle and the feedback you receive is focused on what resonates as true to the other participants.
This module recaps the first two modules, what is your strength and inspiration and your values and you give and receive encouraging feedback.

You also have your first experience with giving and receiving feedback that relies on your intuition to call forth where you and others are inspired to grow.
This module introduces you to the 3 Step Cycle that when repeated takes you ever closer to your purpose, to what inspires you, to your real talents and strengths and which refines you as a person – to be who you know you are destined to be.

This module also teaches you more nuanced and effective ways of providing feedback.

It provides you with a fine tuned, succinct and truly effective guide to giving great feedback.

This guide alone is worth being in Empowerment Circles.
This module helps connect you with goals that come from your core, that are integrated with the core of who you are and which integrate you and inspire you through the declaration and pursuit of them.

Feedback from others can help you refine those goals and teach you how to stick to your own truth and do what is right for you.

These goals naturally spur action and innovative initiative.
This module asks you to commit to goals long term and to set a path for your future.

It advises you on the wisdom of sometimes pushing yourself hard and sometimes taking it easy and recovering.

This module connects you with your true mettle, the deep core of strength that arises when you commit to truly inspiring goals.

It also reminds you that this deep core of strength must be nurtured with regular inspiration, refinement and simple rest and recovery.

Everyone who joins Empowerment Circle goes through the training to ensure they are involved for reasons that resonate deeply within them.

They join the training so they can offer others great feedback.

This means that people tend to stay with the process and undertake the actions they set for themselves.

This is in direct contract with many mastermind groups which often rely on keeping one’s word to avoid embarrassment or to avoid guilty feelings.

Empowerment Circles rely on connecting people with their authenticity and finding natural motivation and inspiration in that.

People who are more authentically connected with what is right for them can more easily provide an environment for others to do the same. They can do so in the space of allowing people to unfold rather than be moulded by often unfounded expectations of oppressive people and institutions.


Empowerment Circles is a culture that encourages people to be themselves in a world that otherwise oppresses this;

  • This culture supports people in a long and priceless journey to increasingly live according to who they are and to achieve what is most fulfilling to them.
  • This culture seeks to allow people to be who they are and encourages them to live their lives according to that truth. 

Empowerment Circles are not merely for counselling or any psychiatric or psychological therapy.

They are specifically to Empower you to tune in to what is true for you and take action in a way that brings you forward and does not harm yourself or others.

We seek to reduce or eliminate projecting our values onto others and instead serve others within the terms of their own values with the feedback that we provide.

Empowerment Circles are designed to be simple and effective by sticking to what works and enables people to become successful and fulfilled on their own terms.


The Empowerment Circles training course is delivered over the first six Empowerment Circle sessions.


Empowerment Circles Course

$150 AUD

Online Participation Fee

$30 AUD for the first month
+ $30 AUD/month thereafter
If you decide in the first 30 days that Empowerment Circles is not right for you, you can get a FULL REFUND.
Note: Once you enrol we will contact you to arrange your involvement in a Circle at time that is as suitable as possible. If we cannot arrange an appropriate time you can receive a refund or wait for a space to open up.
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