Empowerment Circles
Freestyle Checklist

To help you stay focused on what’s important and will make the most difference, this checklist can remind you of anything you might otherwise forget. It is not intended that you cover every aspect of the items on this list.

Use this list to trigger your awareness of the few things to focus on that make the most difference. When you first use this checklist, please read every question, as you use it more and more, simply scan it quickly before each Circle to call attention to what’s important to you.

Treat this checklist like a shopping list to help you determine what you would most like to focus on. Pick and choose what you want and leave the rest. Make a few notes about what you want to share and don’t rehearse anything, allow what comes up in the Circle to come up.


Your Current State


Note: It is important to be aware of your current state prior to focusing on what you want and what you want to do. Your current state may need immediate attention and focus or may need you to intentionally move beyond it.



Past: What is important about your past in relation to what you are about to share, such as who you are, where you’ve come from and what challenges and victories you may have had.

Present: What are you dealing with right now? What are you focusing on? What challenges and opportunities do you have?

Commitments and Challenges: Have you taken on commitment and/or challenges within Empowerment Circles (or elsewhere) that should be mentioned for context?

Future: What do you want to happen? What aspirations do you have? What leads you forward, where are you going?



Defocused?: What recent events may have occurred that could impact your focus on what is important to you?

Serendipity: How have recent events been serendipitous and assisted you with what’s important to you?

Drama: Have there been any dramatic occurrences that may have unsettled you?



At Ease: Do you feel at ease emotionally and able to focus on the big picture?

High Emotion: Do you have a high emotional state that you need to clear or sit with prior to your Empowerment Circle?

Emotional Pattern: Do you have high emotions coming up, that form a pattern that Empowerment Circles could help you become more aware of?

Assistance: Do you have emotions that you would like assistance with moving through?

Being Heard: Do you just want to be heard in relation to your emotions no matter what they are?

Victory: Are you excited about a victory that you would like to share with your Circle? 



Instincts: What do your Instincts want to focus on? Do you want stress reduction, relaxation, better nutrition, satisfaction of craving, physical experiences and so on?

Intuition: How do you feel you most want to expand yourself? Is there a direction you want to go in that seems right for you despite not knowing just why?

Intellect: What makes sense to you the most right now? Is there anything that is specifically fascinating you?


Your Vision


Overview: What is your vision for the future described briefly?

Vision Imperatives: What is the most important thing to you about your vision?

Long Term Effect: What is the envisioned long term effect of achieving your vision?

Detailed Vision: What details do you have outlined for your vision?




Long Term Goals: What are your long term goals?

Mid Term Goals: What are your mid-term goals?

Short Term Goals: What are you short term goals?

Written Goals: Have you written down or reviewed your goals recently?

Progress: What progress have you made on your long, mid or short term goals recently?

Challenges: What challenges have arisen recently in relation to your goals?

Wins: What wins have you had recently in relation to your goals?





Annoyances: What might be annoying or distracting you and stealing your focus?

Hand Brakes: What is slowing you down in your progress?

Road Blocks: What major blocks are in your way right now?



Serendipity: What has gone right for you lately? What serendipities have occurred?

Breakthroughs: What breakthroughs have you had lately that have been of great assistance?

Opportunities: What opportunities have you created for yourself or have been presented with that have the potential to carry you forward?


Action Steps



Small Steps: What small steps and/or habits could you undertake to help you with your vision?

Focus: What is the most likely to make you lose focus on a regular basis?

Touchstones: What regular reminders/items do you have to help you stay focused on what is really important to you?

Progress Monitoring: How do you monitor your progress: what you are doing, what needs to be done and what needs to be planned?



Bold Moves: What bold moves might you need to make?

Min/Max: How can you minimise effort, cost and risk associated with audacious actions while maximising returns?

Recovery: If you are going to make a bold move, what sort of recovery do you have planned to help you regain resilience?





Nutrition: What habits do you have to ensure you are eating food that helps you thrive

Movement: How do you exercise? What sort of movement are you getting to keep your body fit and flexible?

Sleep: How is the quality and quantity of your sleep?

Clumsiness & Mistakes: Are you taking clumsiness and mistakes to mean terrible things about you or to mean that you need rest, recovery and/or help.

Stress Management: Are you stressed? What do you do to minimise, manage and recover from stress?



Self-Gratitude: What do you have gratitude to yourself for? What are you most grateful for about yourself, what it means to you and what it means to others?

Receiving Appreciation: What do people appreciate about you?



Nurturing: How do you care for yourself if you have been stressed, tired or overworked?

Time Off: Do you have time off for yourself after a demanding period?

Battery Recharge: What activities (in in-activities), foods, indulgences or apparent time wasting helps you to recharge yourself?


Encouragement and Support



Encouragement Request: Where could you use some encouragement?

Recent Encouragement: What has been most encouraging for you recently?



Support Request: Where could you use some support

Recent Support: What/who has been most supportive of you recently?


Big Problem



Biggest Problem: What is really challenging you right now?

Big Trouble: What are you having the most trouble with right at the moment?

Powerlessness: Is there anything happening that makes you feel powerless?



Solution: What would the solution to this problem look like? What qualities or details about the solution are you aware of?





Recognition of Fulfillment: Is your work, vocation or what you spend your time on something that makes you feel fulfilled and as though this activity has its own rewards?



Inherent Reward: Is the effort of what you are doing rewarding in and of itself?

Becoming: Is the effort of what you are doing helping you to become who you want to become?

Punishment: Is the effort you are making more like some sort of punishment than meaningful exertion?

Sacrifices: Are you gladly making sacrifices without regret because what you are working toward is so meaningful to you?




Family: Are you spending quality and/or quantity times with family doing things with them and for them and sharing your aspirations, needs and desires with them? Are receiving this yourself?

Friends: Do you have good friends who accept you for who you are and who care about you, enable you to relax and enjoy life and will also give you a heads up about important aspects of life?

Colleagues: Do your colleagues respect you? Do you show them that you respect them? Do you have colleagues that you would choose to have, who inspire and help you and are direct with you?





Clarification: Are you consistently clarifying your Purpose and tuning into yourself in relation to it?



Purposeful Action: Are you taking regular consistent action on your Purpose, with some bold and audacious action at times?



Reflection and Refinement: Do you regularly reflect on the results of action taken on your Purpose and use it to refine your clarity and subsequent action?





Automatic Reaction: What if anything is making you react almost as though you don’t have control over your actions? What could your reactions be telling you that you really need?



Compulsive Behaviour: What compulsive or addictive behaviour if any might you be engaging in? What needs are you ignoring that could be driving you to certain actions because of some form of self-neglect?


Fear and Courage



Present Fear: What are you scared of right now?

Rational Fear: Are your fears based in real possibilities? Are they guiding you to pay attention to danger or excessive risk?

Irrational Fear: Are your fears if any, driven by the past or preconceptions that are not relevant right now?



Deep Meaning: What gives you courage in the face of fear because it is deeply meaningful to you?

Real Strength: What part of your life/aspirations makes you aware of real strength in you and where it rests?





Boundary Creep: Has someone been eroding your boundaries gradually over time? How do you plan to reaffirm your boundaries and prevent future boundary erosion?

Tested Boundaries: Are your boundaries being tested constantly? If the testing of your boundaries is constant and distracting, how would you like to shut down the testing?



New Ground: As you grow and expand in your life you may need to set new boundaries. How is this challenging for you? What support would best assist you in this?

New People: What is the best way for you to set boundaries with new people that come into your life?



Moving On: Are there people or situations that it’s simply time to move on from?

Rejection: Are there people or situations that you must actively exclude from your life?


Future Focus



Tweaks and Tune Ups: What changes do you need to make to your direction, your goals and your focus in order to stay on track with what you really want?

Staying the Course: What habits or regular routines could you rely upon in order to keep you focused and on course? What rituals/habits could you introduce to your life or enhance in your life.



New Endeavours: What new things might you need to try? What new skills or resources might you need to acquire?

New People: What new contacts might you need to make? How can you go about it? Will Empowerment Circles be able to assist you in some way?


Immediate Commitment



Get it Done: What do you need/want to do right now to get some momentum and/or results?

Planning: What needs to be planned out right now?

Priorities: What are the most important things to do first?

Values Alignment: What aligns most clearly with your values? How can your known values help you establish your priorities and how quickly can you do that?



Ready for Challenge: Are you ready to take on a challenge at all? Being honest with this is crucial.

Invited Challenge: Are you interested in receiving challenges from people in your Empowerment Circle and actively inviting them to challenge you?

Open Challenge: Consider for yourself if you are open to receiving challenges whether you invite them or not. Could you be on the lookout for subtle challenges that come through feedback?

Call Out: Consider whether you are willing to invite anyone to call you out on where you might be avoiding your truth, indulging in delusions, shrinking away from challenges that could help you grow dramatically or otherwise selling yourself short. Are you willing to invite people to call you out?



Transformative Ordeals: Do you feel there is some difficult task coming up for you that you could grow from quite dramatically? Would challenging feedback or actual challenges being issued, assist you?



Your Word: Would you like to be held accountable for something?

Routine: Could it be helpful to you to be challenged to create and/or maintain a routine of some sort?

Noble Attempt: Could being challenged to make a noble attempt at something help you to get going, knowing that you will be respected for simply trying?

Consequences: Would you like to agree to some sort of consequence for yourself if you do not take on a particular challenge?





Reflecting Gratefully: Look back over all of the questions/prompts above and consider what they have brought up for you that are most grateful for.



Relief from Frustration: What are you frustrated with? How could gratitude help relieve that frustration? How could gratitude help increase your level of patience?



After considering the above possible items to cover, use the prompts they have provided to quickly answer the following questions settle on rough answers to the following.

  • What’s important to you right now?
  • Where you want to go or what you want to do.
  • What challenges you have.
  • What sort of support, encouragement and/or challenges might be helpful?


Make a few notes about what you want to cover in your Empowerment Circle after perusing the checklist.


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