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The Gratitude Game

Welcome to the Gratitude Game! This is a cooperative game that can literally improve your experience of many aspects of your life, it can reduce stress and help you live life more fully, creatively and productively.

As a part of this list you will be the first to be informed of when the next Gratitude Game is on. The games are as yet not scheduled for particular times and days as we are seeking to make them as available as possible to as many people as possible.

You will also receive videos and information about Gratitude and other aspects of life enhancement from Genuine YOUniversity. 

The rules for the Gratitude Game are listed below but you don’t really have to know them that well. 


Easy Cheat Sheet:

  1. Join the online meeting.

  2. Follow the instructions of the Lead Facilitator.

  3. Share what you are grateful for and score a point.

  4. When others share and it makes you feel gratitude, score another point.

  5. Type “G” into the chat window when you score a point and keep track of your points.

What is the Gratitude Game? (1 min, 30 sec)

How to Play the Gratitude Game (7 min, 1 sec)

Gratitude Primer (7 min 8 sec)

The full Player Guide is included in the next lesson.

Yours Gratefully,
Peter Hagerty

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