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The Gratitude Game - Full Player Guide

The Gratitude Game - Player Guide

Objective of game:

Experience lots of Gratitude and the mental, physical, and emotional health benefits that come with more Gratitude by engaging in a game to vastly enhance the experience of Gratitude for all participants.


The Gratitude Game is simply a game where a circle of people describe things they are grateful for. They score points in two main ways, firstly by sharing about things they are grateful and secondly by allowing the gratitude of others to evoke gratitude in themselves. The more gratitude shared and the more gratitude evoked for others the more everyone wins.


We do not compete against one another but instead compete as a team against ingratitude itself.
It is played over the course of 40 to 50 minutes.

To get a good idea of how to play the Gratitude Game you should watch the videos in the first lesson.

It’s recommended to listen to or watch the Gratitude Primer before the game (or any other time you like) to help get the Gratitude juices flowing.

How to Play:

1. This game is not a competitive game against others. We cooperate to help one another experience more and more gratitude. We are competing against ingratitude itself. We score points in a few different ways, explained below.

2. Login to Zoom and follow the directions of the Lead Facilitator. You will be separated into groups of 4 or more people for Stages 1 and 2 of the game.

3. Level 1, play the game according to the rules below. You should not need a facilitator at this stage of the game.

Decide who goes first.

a. Decide who goes first.

b. Take turns to describe what you are grateful for; include a small amount of detail to help make it more real.

  • For Example: If you say, “I am grateful for my daughter,” be a little more specific. You could say, “I am grateful for my daughter because she has a delightful laugh.” This helps evoke gratitude in others.

c. Give yourself a point when you, describe something you are grateful for.

d. Give yourself a point when something someone else shares triggers gratitude in you. If they remind you of something you are grateful for, or if you resonate with their gratitude, then score a point.

  • For example if someone says they appreciate their cat and it reminds you of your cat, or any positive cat or pet related experience, or anything else at all that you feel grateful for, you score a point if you feel gratitude. All that matters is that we help one another experience gratitude.
  • When you score a point because someone else triggered gratitude in you, type “G” or “g” into the chat window and press enter.

e. Make a note of your own points as you go.

  • As you get more and more familiar with the game you may choose to:

    1. Type your total points as you go. For instance you could type “g” plus the number of your points. For example: “g18” if you have 18 gratitude points.

  • Include short notes as you go.

f. Continue going around the circle until the time for the next stage is called by the Lead Facilitator.

4Level 2:

a. Share your total score with the other players in your group.

b. Offer everyone the chance to be individually asked questions to help enhance their gratitude. It is suggested that if someone is having some trouble feeling gratitude that they consider having others assist them with questions.

  • NOTE: No pressure is to be applied, this is an invitation only.

c. Swap to the next person as you all choose. If all people who wish to be asked questions have had a turn, continue the same sharing as in Level 1 until time is up.

d. Continue until the Lead Facilitator announces that time is almost up.

e. Tally up the groups total score of Gratitude Points and nominate one person to send the total to the Lead Facilitator.

5Level 3:

a.     The Lead Facilitator will lead the rest of the game as described below.

b. Everyone will be invited (or asked to self-nominate), one by one, to share the thing that most brought them a feeling of Gratitude. Sharing is optional here.

  • The Sharer scores a point for each share.

  • Everyone else scores a point if the sharer evokes gratitude in them and they type “G” or “g” into the chat window. The Lead Facilitator adds the extra points to the group total (keep track as best as possible.)

  • This continues until everyone who wants to share in the large group has shared or until the Lead Facilitator calls time.

  • The Lead Facilitator asks everyone to type in how many extra points they scored during Stage 3 and estimates the average extra points and total extra points and announces the total points scored.

c. The game may conclude with some discussion on how to extend and deepen Gratitude work.

6Level 4:

a. The Lead Facilitator prompt participants with questions about how they can incorporate Gratitude into the daily lives and may suggest or challenge individuals or the group to do so in an active manner.

b. The Game finishes and everyone who is on the email list will receive an email with some suggestions about creating a habit of Gratitude.

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