Make Money Doing What You Love

The dream of doing what you love for a living is becoming more and more accessible for people, especially in wealthier countries.

How can you make money doing what you love?

It's a journey, that's for sure. Here's how to get started...
Connect with Yourself
Clarify your Purpose
Explore your Purpose
Serve Others
The Last Step
Get really clear on what you love. Don’t quit your day job. Do things you love in your own time. Have fun that makes you feel fulfilled. Listen to your heart, leave your head behind, just for now, but keep it handy for later. To help with this, get our info sheet by filling out the pop up box.
Once you’re connected with yourself more deeply, your purpose will become easier to clarify. Your purpose is about how you would love to offer value and service to the world.
Try things out in relation to your purpose. Purpose is often hard to define, so you will need to refine it through action. Try some things out until you hit upon service that you love offering others.Don’t make major decisions yet.
Try doing things for other people in the area you love. Do it for free until you get good at it. If you are already good at it, try charging people small amounts for it. Increase how much you charge over time.
Learn how people who need what you have to offer actually talk about what they want. They generally talk about it in a totally different way to you. Talk to them about what you’ve got, in a way that they understand. In short, learn marketing. You can learn it from us if you are not sure where to start. If you are too scared to offer people what you’ve got, perhaps taunt yourself with how much you are depriving them and how it causes them problems or how it prolongs their issues.
Learn how to leverage your ability to deliver results people want. Automate the process, charge a small enough amount that the people can afford, charge enough for you to have a nice life. Go back to step 1 and get clearer and go through the steps and affect people’s lives with your service or product. Keep expanding what you love and how much value you can deliver.

Sound complicated?

It’s all covered in the Make Money Doing What You Love programme. 

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